·Eligor Abigor·

Researcher · Tactician · tyrant
The Beast


Gender: Male
Distinguishing features: Large crystal the color of his eyes embedded in his forehead, sharp teeth, and cheek tattoos.
Nameday: Unknown
Occupation: Maelstrom officer(?), Headmaster, Priest (?)
Hobbies: Research and development

Eligor is a man who seems to be focused on some grander scheme that often drags others into a somewhat labyrinthian series of ordeals and intrigue, only to generally leave those exposed to it changed or otherwise scarred in some way or another. He also seems to ping pong between doing things that are seen as heroic to being a living nightmare, leading to a varied accounting of his character depending on who is spoken to about him.


The earliest known appearance of Eligor appears to have been in Coerthas before the calamity covered it with snow. From then on there are many varied and rumored sightings of him up until he joined the Maelstrom one day and took up residence in Limsa Lominsa, registering a Hyuran child around the same time. He disappeared suddenly at the battle of Carteneau, only to just as suddenly reappear half a decade later, resuming service in the Maelstrom shortly after.

·RP Hooks·

  • Eligor is capable of providing a fancy, custom piece of weapons or armor should you have need of one.

  • You may run into him on a battlefield somewhere.

  • Eligor is well traveled. You might bump into him more generally as you move about the world.

  • You may have heard about his college for adventurers.

  • He has the capability of serving as a potential middle-man for beastman relations.

  • You may find that he may POTENTIALLY become a mentor figure, should you have need of one.


·OOC Information·

  • Server: Balmung / Crystal Data Center

  • Leader of the Silver Nexus Free Company

  • My plots can get extremely convoluted, and it gets edgy. They can also smother you in cuteness. Fair warning.